Living in Dubai

Dubai offers a fabulous lifestyle and many enriching experiences for residents. Over the years, what used to be a small fishing village has now blossomed into a bustling city full of promise, beauty and opportunities. There is so much about Dubai for residents to enjoy.

This vibrant city is home to many residents from a diverse range of countries with varied cultures. Most residents respect local customs and traditions and live harmoniously alongside the welcoming local population of “Emiratis”. It is quite common for residents to make good friends and acquaintances with people from many different countries and backgrounds, an opportunity that is hard to come by in many other countries.

There are many things to do in Dubai in terms of activities and entertainment to keep residents busy in their time off work. Clear water and white sand beaches, enormous shopping malls, music and sporting events, world-class restaurants, parks and gardens and sporting activities are all easily accessible.  In addition to this, there are many wonderful family friendly Dubai attractions for residents and tourists alike such as Waterparks, Theme parks and even an indoor ski centre.

Dubai weather can be extreme in the summer months but for the most part it is a stunning climate. Regardless, residents learn ways to cope during the hotter months.

There are plenty of different job opportunities in Dubai if you do the research. Depending on your country of origin and the relevant local tax rules of that country, Dubai does offer tax free salaries to residents. This has always been a long-term attraction to this city as it can allow people with jobs in Dubai to save more money than they may have done at home, particularly for Dubai Expats (Expatriates) on a good expatriate package.

The accommodation in Dubai is diverse with housing options for all budgets. From apartment living in high and low rises to compound living in expat areas to large villas in the older parts of town, there is a property solution for everyone.

On the whole, living in Dubai offers a multicultural, resort lifestyle thanks to the warm weather, diverse population, the stunning beaches and pools and the general luxurious surrounds which are depicted in the Dubai pictures shown above.