Jul 10, 2015 Recreation


Dubai is indeed a tourist haven with its stunningly beautiful beaches and endless supply or world class restaurants and hotels. This city is steeped in its rich heritage and culture. Its tradition as the port town makes Dubai one of the most exciting international destinations.

Dubai is a scintillating city filled with fun and celebration all year round. Fairs and festivals go on through the year in keeping with the cultural traditions. Fed by international and local artists collaboration and inspiration, the city continues to witness newer trends and developments even as it exquisitely retains old world traditions.

Bastikiya is a historic part of Dubai where tourists and locals can enjoy seeing and doing a range of things. Relatively undiscovered, this old traditional village is quite interesting and definitely a great tourist destination that must not be missed.

There are many contemporary, stylish galleries expertly set amongst old buildings in interesting juxtapositions where the land meets the sea. Before electricity arrived on the scene, the old Bastikiya city had a series of wind towers lining the sides of the creek. These were built to providing cooling for the houses.

There are many famous sites located in Bastikiya precinct. These include –

  • The Dubai Museum located close to the Al Fahidi Fort which is one of the highly recommended tourist destinations
  • Bait Al Wakeel the very first official building in Dubai
  • Al Fahidi Fort dating back to the 1780s
  • XVA art gallery
  • Sheikh Mohammed Center for cultural understanding
  • Majlis Gallery

Bastikiya features a great market known as the Souq Al Bastikiya. This is a street market with a predominantly traditional air as compared to the luxurious new shopping centers. Old world customs are followed here with a futuristic approach. In keeping with the current trend in Dubai to inspire local talent and creativity, Bastikiya attracts a host of vendors from around the city to help highlight Dubai’s exclusive culture.

Families are entertained here with workshops and people converge here to connect with the very essence of Dubai’s heritage in an absolutely traditional setting. At the Bastikiya, you can find unique local specialties apart from wares offered by businesses.

This is where tourists enjoy the traditional kerb appeal that offer services such as fortune telling through coffee grounds and henna painting. Tourists as well as locals flock here to enjoy the unique ambience and atmosphere at the Bastikiya.

About 50 stalls display fashion items, arts and crafts, food and drink and antiques during the winter months. On Souq Saturdays do not be surprised to find the Dubai Drums banging away. Musicians will continue to keep tourists entertained.

This is a must visit destination for tourists visiting this wonderful city.