Palm Island Dubai

Innovation and creativity marks the design of the unique Palm Island Dubai. This engineering feat is sometimes referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

The Palm Island Dubai was especially created to promote tourism in Dubai. The island offers world class facilities and services for discerning travelers who come here to enjoy the serene natural ambience and enjoy the best holiday of their lives.

On the Palm Island Dubai, you can find many luxury hotels including the Atlantis Hotel, multiple residential apartment complexes and world class villas, plus shopping complexes and the first marine park ever in the Middle East.

After a thorough feasibility study, the project took over four years to be completed and it was done without causing any disturbance to the natural marine environment. This man-made island is so large that you can in fact see the Palm Island Dubai from space!

Properties including apartments and villas in the Palm Island Dubai are sold on a freehold basis. Expats and locals are entitled to rent, lease or sell their property at their own discretion. The Palm Island Dubai is located to the immediate south of “The World Islands” another breakthrough project in Dubai. The Palm Island is one of the major reasons why Dubai is such a hot tourist spot today attracting visitors from all over the world.

At the Palm Island, you can find a host of beach front residences where tourists and residents can stay without being disturbed. The fronds or palm leaves of the islands can be accessed by passing through the trunk which is in fact the main gate. Logo Islands is a pair of islands on Palm Island Dubai that look alike and are shaped like a palm leaf. These two islands belong to the UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoom.

Construction on this man-made island began in the year 2001. This beachfront palm design property was first conceptualized and sketched by Sheikh Mohammed. A crescent shaped breakwater was first constructed from the mountain rock after the seabed was carefully surveyed by the divers. The Palm Island Dubai Crescent is 13 feet above low tide sea level. There are 328 openings on each side of the breakwater that prevents any stagnation in the deep and narrow channels allowing for complete water circulation.

The breakwater is especially designed to protect the Palm Island Dubai from the weather elements including storms. Sand from the sea floor was used to construct the Palm Islands. Loose sand was made dense through a process of vibro-compaction which is saturation of sand with water jets and vibrating probes.

At the Palm Island Dubai, you can find many attractive hotels and villas. Here you can find long term residents and vacationers. The Palm Island Dubai is connected to the mainland through the Sub-Sea tunnel. A state of the art monorail runs through the entire length of the palm making easy access for tourists and residents.