The World Dubai

Constructed in the shape of a world map, the The World Dubai is an artificial archipelago of 300 islands just 4 kms off the Dubai coast consisting of a group of small islands. Sand dredged from the shallow coastal waters was used to construct these artificial islands.

This project is the brainchild of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The size of the islands in the archipelago range in area from 14,000 to 42,000 square meters. Each island is about hundred meters away from each other and at least 31 million tons of rock and 32.1 million cubic meters of sand was used to construct them.

The World Dubai in its entirety covers an area of 6 by 9 kilometers and was developed at an estimated US$14 billion. Dredging started in September 2003 after Sheikh Mohammed flagged off the project in May 2003. The development of the archipelago was completed on 10th January 2008 when the final stone was laid on the breakwater.

The World Dubai will be the most exclusive and sought after community offering the most exciting residential and leisure opportunities in the fastest growing tourist destination on the planet. This is the ultimate destination where the only limit is your imagination.

Dubai stands in the forefront of innovation and technological development backed by its intelligent and enterprising real estate developers. The World Dubai stands testimony to this. Developed by Nakheel Properties, these islands have indeed placed Dubai on the world map.

The World Dubai is a creation where every single continent in the world is represented. The stone oval acting as the breakwater has five gaps through which boats from the mainland pass. According to the plan, The World Dubai will offer four categories of real estate development for its visitors and residents.

The archipelago will include estates, private homes, communities and resorts all with the necessary infrastructure, namely marinas, plumbing and power supplies. It took about two years of extensive, research, planning and development to create this unique archipelago.

The World Dubai is indeed a marvel witnessed by a city that is already filled with the old world charm, its timeless deserts and its exclusive new world comforts. This exclusive paradise is filled with palm trees dotting the landscape and with lush greenery. The sandy beaches add to the elusive charm ensuring that you will never tire of the abundance of natural beauty.

If you wish to visit the mainland from the islands, you can do so in just a few minutes via boat. The World Dubai has indeed set new real estate standards are will surely not be replicated any time soon. This archipelago is another feather in the cap for Dubai which is already home to some of the most creative and amazing architecture.

Islands are sold by developers as plots that include both the water and land areas. Buyers can then use their creativity and imagination to build the property of their dreams. They have the ability to design unique features such as harbors, coves, private beaches and marinas. In other words, you can create your own special, unique world depending on your individual style and preference.