Weather in Dubai

Many people are fascinated by Dubai weather. Yes it really does get as hot as everyone claims! Don’t be fooled. For the most part, Dubai has glorious weather with plenty of sunny days and there are several months throughout the year with lovely milder temperatures.  You will notice in many of these Dubai pictures that beautiful sunny days are a common theme, understandable considering that Dubai has a dry subtropical climate.

Dubai tourism is highly seasonal due to the climate. Tourists tend to avoid the summer months (July – September) and with good reason as temperatures and humidity can skyrocket. The average temperature during summer is 41 C (106 F) and it can peak to 48 C (118 F), especially in the inner areas of the city. A Dubai summer can see humidity levels rising to 90%, making it very uncomfortable for anyone brave (or foolish) enough to venture outside for long periods of time.

The weather in Dubai is much more comfortable from October onwards with a marked decrease in temperatures after the summer. The ideal time of year for tourists to visit Dubai is October & November and March & April due to the milder weather.

Rainfall although rare, can occur during the winter months of December-February.  The average rainfall in Dubai for the entire year is only about 1300mm (just a little over 5 inches). Large fluctuations in rainfall occurs from year to year with occasional dry years or as much as 108.8 mm falling in one month! The skies during the winter months can be cloudy and unsettled. The winter-spring seasonal transition can bring on Shamals which are characterized by strong winds, occasionally showery conditions and sandstorms.

Monthly average temperature in Dubai:

  • January – Max 24 C (75 F), Min 14 C (57 F)
  • February – Max 25 C 77 F), Min 15 C (59 F)
  • March – Max 28 C (82 F), Min 17 C (63 F)
  • April – Max 33 C (91 F), Min 21 C (70 F)
  • May – Max 38 C (100 F), Min 25 C (77 F)
  • June –Max 40 C (104 F), Min 27 C (81 F)
  • July  – Max 41 C (106 F), Min 30 C (86 F)
  • August – Max 41 C (106 F), Min 30 C (86 F)
  • September – Max 39 C (102 F), Min 28 C (82 F)
  • October – Max 35 C (95 F), Min 24 C (75 F)
  • November – Max 31 C (88 F), Min 20 C (68 F)
  • December – Max 26 C (79 F), Min 16 C (61 F)

In a nutshell, Dubai weather is marked with nearly year-round sunshine and very little rainfall with the summer months getting VERY hot. Those who are planning to visit Dubai should where possible plan their trip around the time of the year that they will best enjoy their travel based on the average annual temperatures.